A Wide World of Road Trips

There are many ways to see the world and while the most important thing about travel is just to get out and experience something new, we feel the best way to do this is on a road trip. No other means of getting from place to place gives you the freedom to experience the unexpected and to travel at your own pace. Choose one of the links below to hit the road with us.

Amazing Places for a Short Getaway

Mention any country to most people and the response will like be that they would love to visit (insert capital city here). But they miss out on so much of the real experience by never venturing beyond the main tourist hubs. We love to find the history, culture and friendly people of smaller places and we believe you should try it for yourself.

Meet Your Guides

We are Dean and Pauline Williamson. A travel obsessed mid-life couple who seek out new experiences with value for money in mind. We look for more than just the usual high value tourist attractions in our search for interesting history, new cultural experiences, local food and stunning scenery. Oh, and we prefer to do it at our own pace behind the wheel of a car whenever possible.

"The excitement of seeing awe inspiring scenery or walking through historical towns is what drives us to travel"

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Capturing Our Adventures Through the Lens.

You don't need to be a pro photographer to take memorable photos