Where did “La Vida Global Travel” come from?

When we were trying to come up with a name that had some relevance to our travel philosophy we quickly discovered that it wasn’t as easy as you may think. Go on, see if you can do it!

One day I was listening to the radio and the old Ricky Martin song “Living la vida loca” came on. Now I know enough Spanish to work out that this loosely translates to living the crazy life and I got to thinking that I would rather a global travel life.

And so La Vida Global Travel was born for everyone who dreams of travel, plans their next adventure or just gets up and travels whenever possible.

What do you do here?

Although the site started as a personal travel blog with some tips and reviews it was pretty much just a glorified family travel journal. But when Dean left his job as a Tour Operations Consultant, where he designed coach tours across Australia, it was time to put his knowledge in to sharing our passion for travel with everyone who desired to get more of it in their life.

To that end we started work on creating a community for people like us that love to forge their own travel path at their own pace. A place where travel bloggers and experts share their tips, stories and inspiration with you, the traveller who wants to get more from their limited time to travel.

We introduced interviewing people who travel and love to share the excitement they get from every experience. Reviews of the towns that you will find on your journeys developed into Short Breaks which gives ideas on what to do in limited time rather than just a simple overview.

We also focus is on road trips with suggested itineraries and tips on planning and getting the best deals.

How can I join in?

As we mentioned above, we are building a community for everyone who loves the idea of a road trip or likes to spend a few days getting to know each new place they visit, and we would love as much interaction as possible.

  • For Bloggers, Travel Writers and Photographers we would love to hear from you if you have relevant content that you would like to share with us as a guest post.
  • For readers and travellers we always welcome your comments and by all means contact us if you have something you would like us to publish on the site.
  • For Organisations, Companies and other tour focused operations who would like to Work with us, please read through that guide. We will consider any request as long as it fits within our philosophy and has some value to our readers.

So thank you for dropping by and we hope you find something here that makes you wiser, inspires you, or at least keeps you somewhat amused until you find a better option.


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