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We asked some Travel Bloggers to let us all in on why they loved, or hated, flop and drop vacationsTo give you an insight into what to expect from this type of travel we asked some Travel Bloggers that have been there, done that to let us all in on their story and why they loved, or hated, flop and drop vacations.

Who are our travellers?

I am a Michigan girl with a passion for travel. I am filled with fond memories of warm spring break vacations and summer road trips to the East Coast with my family. There were even a few Europe trips in the mix.

While I love Michigan there is a sense of restlessness that settles in if I haven’t traveled in a while. Isn’t it just fabulous arriving in a new city, getting settled, analyzing the maps (yes! paper maps!!!), going for a jog, discussing what to do, and wandering. It provides an indescribable energy.

And, isn’t it equally as fascinating to return to a place you once visited only to find so many aspects the same yet so many new things to discover?

Let me start by just saying…I am not an adventurous person.  Sometimes I wonder why I love to travel so much when it doesn’t always seem to fit my personality… at all.  I need a routine, a schedule, a few days to get comfortable before I can really start to enjoy a new place, to begin to recognize faces and places.

This is why I think that staying in one place is the kind of travel that best suits my personality.  We all have different things we look for in travel and finding the kind of travel that fulfills these needs seems to be the key to really enjoying all that travel has to offer.

My family has been traveling to the Bahamas for almost as long as I can remember. We basically stay put… have our routines and our favorite restaurants. This creates a nice sense of security as we look forward to our trip.

While this may seem monotonous to some, I think that it also allows for a few perks. We are able to look forward to certain deviances from our routines. We eagerly anticipate day trips to explore new islands, trying the newest restaurants, or renting a car and exploring New Providence- seeing how Bahamians live away from the resorts and maybe even hunting down a few James Bond filming sites.

We look forward to rainy days spent in the Nassau straw markets and sunny days taking long walks with long talks down Cabbage Beach.  We can choose to snorkel or swim or sail because we know that we will be in the same place for the next week. It sort of takes the pressure off seeing everything and packing it all in.

We give ourselves time to just be, to think, to be bored, to just enjoy where we are and imprint every view, smell, and taste into our memories forevermore.

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Do you have an opinion on flop and drop vacations? Where was your best location or why didn’t you like this style? Let us know.



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