Over the Moon 5 star in Cancun


Let's get something straight, we are not luxury travelers, we generally aim for nice or quirky budget friendly accommodation and spend the money we save on what we do rather than where we sleep.

Let’s get something straight, we are not luxury travelers, we generally aim for nice or quirky budget friendly accommodation and spend the money we save on what we do rather than where we sleep.

But every now and then we budget in something special. After spending 4 nights at the cheap and barely cheerful Ramada Cancun we splashed out on three nights of All-Inclusive craziness at the Moon Palace.

Seven pools, four swim up bars, 17 restaurants, a beach, Flowrider, mini golf, real golf, the list goes on. Somehow I was going to try to experience everything this amazing Resort has to offer and still spend a day visiting Xel-Ha Eco park or the incredible Mayan ruins at Tulum. Challenge accepted!

moon 4
Just one small section of the amazing pool

Let me start by telling you that this Resort is huge, three separate wings with almost 2500 rooms, but being spread across 123 acres doesn’t leave you feeling like the crowds are overwhelming. Plus a long strip of beach which, although seaweed often left it looking less desirable than the beaches further north, still has plenty of maintained area for swimming and relaxing.

We stayed in the Sunrise wing which features and enormous lobby with shops, bars and several of the eateries, ranging from snack and pastry outlets, mega buffets, through to some specialised restaurants. You also have access to further bars and restaurants around the pool area and across the other wings of the Resort.

I had seen photos of the incredible pool setup at the Moon but was still blown away when I stepped through the rear of the lobby and witnessed one of the largest freeform swimming areas I had ever seen. It is a maze of pools, bridges, bars, deckchairs and humanity. Even with the massive capacity of the Resort there was always somewhere to swim without bumping in to other guests.

The rooms are spacious and all seem to have a jetted bath tub, strangely though, many of these tubs seem to be placed in the centre of the room, even in family rooms. This odd configuration gives zero privacy and, while the tub is huge and a nice addition to any room, comes across as an afterthought with no planning.

The food was plentiful and ranged from standard issue buffet dining right through to an amazing dining experience at the Brazilian Churrascaria, Arrecifes in the Nizuk wing of the Resort. The quality of the barbecued meats was superb and the desert tray had to be sampled, even though we were filled to bursting from the main courses.

moon 6
The incredible view from the Roof Bar at the Beach Palace

Two big draw cards for the Palace family of Resorts are the ability to utilise all the facilities of any of their sister Resorts during your stay and the inclusion of very generous Resort credits based on the number of nights you stay.

We took advantage of the Resort sharing offer by spending an afternoon at the Beach Palace which is right in the heart of the tourist crazy strip of Cancun. Located right on pristine beach and with a rooftop pool bar which offer you some of the best views of the area.

This was the perfect place to relax as barely a soul was found upstairs as they all seemed to prefer the beach. Living among some of the best beaches in the world near my home I opted for the rooftop. Two pool bars, two jacuzzis, 6 bartenders and no more than ten people… my type of rest area.

moon 7
Getting away from the crowds in the Roof Bar Jacuzzi

Would I recommend the Moon Palace? If you are a family going to Cancun and want to spend the whole time at a fabulous Resort with something for everyone…. then definitely. However, if you want to hit the beach, be closer to the action, and party the night away then maybe the Beach Palace would be the better option.

I failed the challenge of experiencing everything the Moon Palace offers in just two and a half days but gave it a good shot.

moon 1
View from the hammock on our balcony

This was something of a novelty to us as we don’t usually spend big money on accommodation and to be honest, I don’t see the value in the price we paid. Sure it is a magnificent property with everything at your fingertips but we have had just as good, for much less money, in Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta. It was somewhere I am happy to have experienced but would be unlikely to return.

How do you feel about Cancun’s AI Resorts?


    • I would consider staying a little further south in Playa del Carmen or Puerto Morelos. Less partiers and Spring Break types and closer to most of the attractions you mentioned.

    • The Resort is spectacular Valerie. It just didn’t represent good value for money, and that was even with my industry discount as a Travel Agent!


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