Quick 6 with Gary Arndt of everything-everywhere.com

Gary Arndt from everything-everywhere.com

When it comes to the big names in the online travel universe there are few, if any, bigger than Gary Arndt, so it was an easy decision to ask him to be our first interview. Not only was he one of the original travel bloggers (so long ago that the word “blog” did not even exist!) but become so good at sharing his adventures online that in 2010 he was named as one of the top 25 blogs by Time Magazine.

He currently has over 2 million followers across social media and is also recognised as one of the world’s top travel photographers. Gary has been on the road for several years now with no permanent residence, and his desire to explore shows no signs of fading.

We are thrilled that Gary generously gave up some of his time to answer our Quick 6.

What experience made you fall in love with travel?

In 1999 I was sent on a 3-week, around the world trip for business. I visited Japan, Taiwan, Singapore , France, Germany, Belgium, and England. That was my first real experience traveling internationally and it got me hooked.

What made you decide to share your adventures online?

I had been running a personal website since well before they were called blogs. When I did my 1999 trip I created a small website to share my travels with everyone in my office. Given that I’ve spent most of my adult life online, it was a natural thing for me to start a website.

Where did you go furthest outside your comfort zone and what happened?

It would probably be bungee jumping in New Zealand, which I’ve done twice. Both times I was scared as hell before I did it, and I don’t even remember the first few seconds of it.

What advice would you give someone that is worried about expanding their own travel comfort zone?

Odds are, whatever they are worried about, millions of people have done before them. Whether it is engaging in an activity or visiting a place, they aren’t the first person to have done it. I just think my way out it and realize that whatever I’m worried about is in my own head.

What is the first thing you want to do when you visit somewhere new?

The first thing I usually do when I go somewhere new I just walk around the neighborhood. I find out what is around me and try to get the lay of the land.

If you were given an open ticket to travel, what would be your destination?

I’d go to the South Pole because it is a very expensive trip 🙂

The final question was originally “If you could only go to one place for the rest of your life where would you go?” but it was reworded after a surprising answer from Gary.
“No matter what you pick, what you’ve just defined as a prison. I don’t want to go to prison.”
At first I thought this answer was a little extreme but the more I thought about it the more he was right. To have to spend your life in one place, no matter how idyllic, would become to feel like being trapped in a prison.
After all, the world is too amazing not to want to keep searching for new adventures.

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    • He is exactly the guy of person to draw inspiration from Lauren. Down to earth, not a thrillseeker but still want to push his boundaries.

  1. Awesome interview! Great to hear from someone who has been doing this for so long. Completely agree regarding his comments on overcoming fears and how others have probably already been there and done that. Having said that I always like to think that I’m breaking some kind of new ground. If everyone has already done everything then in some ways it takes away the mystique for me.

    • That’s an interesting way to look at it Guy. It’s a balance between wanting evidence of safety and still having the adventure component.

  2. That is a very inspiring interview from a guy who has traveled a lot. I like what he said about leaving you comfort zone and that before you, someone else has done it too. Traveling is a great way to let go of many fears.

    • Totally agree with your comment about travelling and fears Dave. I find that I am much more likely to be adventurous when I travel than when I am at home. I think it is something to do with the “once in a lifetime” feeling when you are away from home.

  3. Hi Dean,

    Love this: whatever he is worried about is in his own head. Fear is an illusion. Worry is just a fear. Not really there. Seeing an appearance, an untruth. So I also see the fear as being in my own head – not the truth – and dive into fun, freeing, fantastic travel moments even if doing so feels hyper uncomfortable at times.

    Example; diving out of my comfort zone by taking a Muay Thai class here tomorrow. Athletic type but not a fighter, or sparring dude. It’ll be fun though 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Signing off from Chiang Mai.


  4. Always fun to learn more about other travelers! I completely agree with the point about expanding your comfort zone–you aren’t the first person to have done something, so most of the worry is probably just in your head. It’s a good way to make yourself feel a bit more comfortable. And, we would love to visit the South Pole, too!

    • The problem is Jenna, it’s much easier to convince yourself that the fear is irrational when you are planning than when you are actually standing on the precipice. Nut it usually ends up being an absolute highlight when you do manage to push your boundaries.

  5. That’s a great insight into the mind of Gary. I have met him twice and have found him to be very helpful and handed tips for photography or travelling or blogging .

    • It’s exciting as a fairly inexperienced blogger to see people at the sharp end of the industry will to give their time to help.

  6. Great interview with Gary! I personally know few other people that have been to as many places as he has, and it’s always enjoyable to sit down and chat with him when our paths cross. Like him, the South Pole is on my bucket list as is the North Pole.

    • I haven’t had the chance to meet many fellow bloggers personally but looking forward to changing that over the next 12 months Jennifer.

  7. I wanna go to South Pole to, but this is a fantastic interview with Gary and great to get more of an insight of him. The photo of him before the bungee jump is so funny 😀

    • It’s a tough question to answer Christina. I understand the cost motivator but other amazing places are also expensive. Maybe the Galapagos Islands.

  8. Its a great interview and its nice to get to know Gary. Like him, someday I look forward to go to South Pole. And I love his picture of him taking a picture of a fish, its truly beautiful.

    • I think we would all like to go to the South Pole one day Raksha. And it’s always interesting to hear why others travel.

  9. Great to get to know Gary more … totally agree with the comment that being stuck somewhere for the rest of your life is descriptive of a prison! We were born to explore and roam 🙂


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