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We asked some Travel Bloggers to let us all in on why they loved, or hated, river cruisingTo give you an insight into what to expect from this type of travel we asked some Travel Bloggers that have been there, done that to let us all in on their story and why they loved, or hated, travelling on a River Cruise.

Who are our travellers?

Hi, we’re Dan and Linda. We believe that life shouldn’t be wasted in a rut, doing things we don’t enjoy, to buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t know.  Life is most fulfilling through memorable experiences, and we do that through food and travel.  (Or travel and food; it depends on our mood.)

Every time we take a cruise we find more things to love about them. Cruises are worry-free: You unpack once and never need to think about the itinerary, hotel costs or transportation. And there’s more than enough food, and enough variety even for the most demanding eater.

Cruising has its downsides, though: seasickness, tiny-cabin claustrophobia, and (especially) nickel-and-dime-ing passengers for extras. Suddenly, that cheap cruise deal turns out to be no bargain when excursions, an outside view, wine with dinner, Wi-Fi, and tipping the staff add up quickly.

But river cruising is different.

  • Smaller ships offer a more intimate experience and better service.
  • You dock in the middle of town, mere steps from all the action.
  • One or more excursion is included every day, with free time to explore on your own.
  • River waters are calm, so you never get seasick or sea legs.
  • Cabins are larger and offer ever-changing views of the countryside.

River cruises may not be cheap, but neither is western Europe, unless you couch surf and backpack your way around the continent. That is not our travel style, though. We don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We enjoy learning to cook local cuisines and sometimes hire a local guide to get more out of a destination. What that means is, if you prefer to travel as we do, the difference in cost between a river cruise and DIY travel might not be as great as you imagine.

Back in 2011 we took a week-long Rhine River cruise. After that experience, we told everyone that it was the best of all the many trips we had ever taken. Hands down, no lie.

Well, okay … so it was our favorite travel experience until we spent 15 days cruising from Budapest to Amsterdam on the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers.

Our Grand European Tour covered five countries in two weeks and took us to every UNESCO site along the way. We came away with new friends and fond memories of so many things: Apple strudel lessons, a private concert in Vienna , a home visit in Slovakia, exploring a medieval German castle, climbing a windmill in the Netherlands, and more. Priceless experiences, every one.

This is why we enjoy river cruising so much. Try it, and you might agree.

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Do you have any river cruising stories to share with us? We would love to hear your opinions.


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