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We asked some Travel Bloggers to let us all in on why they loved, or hated, river cruisingTo give you an insight into what to expect from this type of travel we asked some Travel Bloggers that have been there, done that to let us all in on their story and why they loved, or hated, travelling on a River Cruise.

Get to know our travellers?

We can’t quite stop travelling. We may choose doubles over dorms, and enjoy the convenience of having an ensuite bathroom (not too often, though!) But besides that, our travelling style is the same as it was 15 years ago. We aren’t very good at planning, but we’re always up for an adventure or two.

I have always wanted to experience a cruise, but the idea of being on a ship with thousands of people didn’t quite appeal to me. A river cruise is the perfect compromise – you get to experience the charm and comfort of life on board without needing to share your space with thousands of people!

We loved our Russia river cruise – we spent almost 2 weeks cruising between Moscow and St.Petersburg between last August and September, a great time to visit Russia as it’s not too hot and not yet cold.
River cruising offered us a great place to stay while we explored the cities, and we also had the chance to visit some smaller towns and places of interest along the way. Sailing time was taken up with activities like Russian language and culture classes, cooking demonstrations and history lessons.
If you have a keen interest in history and culture, you want to experience a cruise without the crowds, we highly recommend river cruises!

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