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We asked some Travel Bloggers to let us all in on why they loved, or hated, travelling on a small group tourTo give you an insight into what to expect from this type of travel we asked some Travel Bloggers that have been there, done that to let us all in on their story and why they loved, or hated, travelling on a Small Group Tour.

Get to know our travellers?

Lauren (LJO) introduces herself like this…

A teacher from a small country town,
Very rarely she wears a frown.
A bit of time off from teaching the kids,
To travel the world will be something she did.

Not doubt you have heard of G Adventures, Intrepid, Geckos, Tucan, Topdeck or maybe even Contiki. If not, don’t fear because those names represent some of the companies out there that specialise in escorted adventure travel. Through my time as a traveller, I have been lucky enough to enjoy group tours with G Adventures, Geckos, Tucan and Topdeck and would I do it again? YES, I would!

To know everything is organised and I just have to ensure I stick to timelines for buses, flights, dinners, parties, adventure activities and cultural tours is a great weight off your shoulders. However, let’s be clear escorted adventure travel is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that, but I wish to explain why myself and others have used this type of travel so many times and why people continue to.

And no it isn’t just because I am lazy and I want someone else to organise everything for me, well, OK maybe sometimes, but very rarely because I love organising. But anyway, here are some main reasons to use escorted adventure travel:

First time travelling, no idea where to start, slightly terrified and need some help

  • The media have terrified you into thinking particular areas are so dangerous, and you want the security of being on a group tour
  • Having a tour guide that can speak the language when you don’t (that is certainly handy)
  • Short holiday time and you want to squish in as much adventure as you can
  • Travelling solo and wish to meet people
  • You hate planning the logistical aspects of travel and want that done for you

I am sure there are many others but if any of those resonate with you, but you want to travel and enjoy adventure consider an escorted group.’

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